Re-aligning product roadmaps: Strategies for product management in post pandemic world

Product management and engineering heads are continuously debating these options. Wouldn’t it be nice if you have a re-calibration strategy, when it comes to changing product roadmaps?

We bring to you one such exclusive opportunity. Join us for Harbinger Power Hour, a one-of-its-kind virtual roundtable, on Aug 11, 10 AM Pacific Time, where several technology leaders and innovators will feature as panelists to share their perspective on re-aligning product roadmaps as market demands change.


1. Learn how product management and engineering should evolve using re-calibration strategies

2. Know importance of leveraging data to drive business outcomes in present market conditions

3. Recognize when to upgrade the user experience or change engineering priorities

4. Understand importance of ecosystem integrations for providing better value to customers

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