• Simplifying Test Automation Using Harbinger’s Automation Framework

Simplifying Test Automation Using Harbinger’s Automation Framework

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Software Test automation has been most controversial activity in any organization. In most of the organizations, it starts with lot of potential in reducing the test efforts drastically and magically, but ends up in spending unreasonably high amount of efforts in maintaining the developed automation suite. The ROI becomes non-achievable and finally management decides to switch back to manual testing. Some of the main reasons for failure of Software Test automation initiatives are:

  • Continuous changes in requirements and UI object properties
  • Requirement of highly skilled programmer (Java / C# / VB etc.) for developing automation scripts
  • Less modularity in automated scripts
  • Lack of co-ordination between manual testers and automation testers
  • Higher development time required to write automation scripts
  • Applications make use of mix types of objects (Web, Windows, CLI), which cannot be taken care by only one automation tool

Thank you for joining us for this insightful webinar “Simplifying Test Automation Using Harbinger’s Automation Framework” on 30th April 2014, as we presented. The Integrated Hybrid Automation framework, built by Harbinger Systems, which addressed above mentioned challenges and expedites the automation process with least of programming skills to build a robust and modular automation test suite providing faster ROI.


  • Software Test Automation – Overview and the pressing challenges
  • Introduction to Harbinger Integrated Hybrid Automation Framework (HIHAF) – The key components and the architecture
  • Benefits of implementing Harbinger Integrated Hybrid Automation Framework:
    • Writing automation scripts in plain English / Excel format
    • Building automation suite with no programming knowledge and skills to develop the scripts
    • Developing a single script to take care of a scenario cutting across multiple applications / modules having Web UI, Windows UI or Command line UI
    • Achieving highest level of reusability and reduce maintenance of automation suite to minimum
    • Increasing automation script development productivity by more than 40%
  • Sample case study demonstrating the measurable business outcomes achieved through HIHAF implementation

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