Harbinger Systems will be exhibiting its services range at the SHRM19 Annual Conference and Exposition to be held in Las Vegas-NV, USA. Scheduled from June 23-26, 2019, Harbinger will showcase its offerings at booth #2404 at the event.

For more than a decade, Harbinger Systems has helped companies in transforming lives at their workplaces by modernizing the HRTech products with the cutting-edge technologies. We can help you to –

  • Implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques like Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning (ML) to transform HR functions such as recruitment, onboarding, benefits administration, employee engagement, and payroll.
  • Add conversational interfaces through custom chatbots for various HR workflows solutions.
  • Enable seamless ATS/HRIS integration with leading HCM platforms.
  • Front-end transformation of your product ensuring smooth, responsive and the best user experience

We can be a great technology partner for companies like you to mentor you from the product idea stage to manufacturing and a successful product launch. Meet team Harbinger at the event! You can book an appointment now with the help of Calendly calendar on this page or email us on hsinfo@harbingergroup.com


Team Harbinger at SHRM 2018

Seema Chaudhary

Mahesh Keni

Janhavi Padture

Prashant Khambekar

Subodh Bhide