Shrikant Pattathil, Executive Vice President, Harbinger Systems Featured in the Global Services 100 Showcase

On April 16th, Shrikant Pattathil, EVP Harbinger Systems was featured in the Global Services Top 100 Showcase. In his interview with Global Services team, Shrikant talked about the top three industry trends and how the four forces “Cloud-Mobile-Bigdata-Social” are redefining sourcing of services. He also shared insights about the company’s key initiatives for 2014, the differentiators and how the deep technology expertise in Agile, Big data, Cloud (ABC solutions) is helping Harbinger deliver innovative, smart solutions to clients globally.

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  1. Tassilyn says:

    Good morning Linda, Janel and breanne! Caught up on all things David , VOTED and now off to work! Thanks to all for the links and beautiful sentiments for the families and children involved in ye7#ardey&t821s;s tragedy.

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