• Helping you modernize your application with the right mix of feature and technology choices

    We leverage our strong domain experience and expertise in technologies such as Cloud, Application Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Test Automation, and UI-UX to help modernize your products.


Product Modernization

Applications need to reinvent themselves every few years to stay competitive, which results in different types of modernizations. Modernization activities typically lead to adding features to support new user base, or, re-architecting the product for better scalability. It also extends to upgrading the user interface, mobile enablement, and use of cognitive capabilities in existing workflows. Harbinger helps you modernize your HRTech products that offer features, and user experience (UX) designed for users across generations. With our technology expertise, we help you redefine your product architecture to make it highly scalable and available using a variety of cloud services, and add intelligence utilizing AI techniques and services.

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Helping you modernize your product with feature revamp and cognitive abilities

Feature Redesign

Feature Redesign

Continuous performance management, Continuous feedback, Candidate engagement, Career planning, Contingent workforce management, Goal management, Workplace engagement, 360 degree feedback, Employee surveys, Video assessments and interviews, ATS and HRIS integrations , Social media integration, UI-UX redesign.

Cognitive Abilities

Cognitive Abilities

Self-learning recommendation engines, Natural Language Processing (NLP) based resume parsing, Machine learning for candidate sourcing and matching, Conversational interface for candidate engagement, Chatbot for service desk and information retrieval (FAQs), Machine Learning (ML) based benefits plan selection.

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Upgrade your product with cutting edge technology and architecture



Cloud Migration, Data warehouse in the cloud, DevOps, High availability deployment, Automated scalability, REST APIs for SaaS products, Performance optimization using cloud managed services, CDN, Re-hosting, Re-platforming



Re-writing/Decoupling application architecture, Microservices, Design and development of serverless architecture, Serverless integrations, API layer design, Distributed application architecture in the cloud, Test automation

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Harbinger helped a US based ISV develop a voice based assistant for its employee onboarding process

Harbinger provided an efficient solution to search FAQs using speech, thus providing a state-of-the-art voice interface for querying information.

A Voice Chat Interface for Employee Onboarding

Harbinger helped a popular Job Application System add candidate shortlisting feature

Harbinger created a layer of candidate shortlisting solution which helped to reduce the efforts spent on manual screening of resumes and shortlisting the right candidate.

Facilitating complex and faster (95%) reporting through data warehousing and self service BI tools

Data warehouse implementation and development of visualization using business intelligence system for an ISV in HCM domain for smarter decision making.


Simplifying software workflows through UI enhancement

Harbinger helped an HCM ISV build a better UI for its web-based ATS, simplifying its software workflows.

Digital Transformation of Brick-and-Mortar Universities