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  • Helping you develop next-gen products

    Harbinger helps software product companies achieve competitive advantage in product development. Harbinger’s product engineering services blend customer centricity, innovation, and operational excellence.

Software Product Engineering

Building software not only demands deep expertise in technologies such as mobile, cloud, social, and analytics; but it also demands a comprehensive understanding of the business domain. Harbinger combines its product engineering capabilities with business knowledge to help customers build disruptive products.

  • Product Engineering

 End-to-end product engineering services with a difference

Product Engineering

Design, Development, Test Automation, DevOps and Infrastructure Automation, Sustenance , Performance and Security engineering, Rapid Prototyping, Technology Evaluation and Adoption, Technology Roadmap Definition, Compliance Adherence, and Certifications

Digital Technology Enablement

Advanced Analytics, Connected Enterprise, Process Automation, Digitization of Core Systems, Risk Management, Integrations


System Architecture Design, DevOps Foresight, Refactoring and Re-engineering of Existing Solutions, Migration Strategy, Product Based Service extensions – SaaS, White labelling


Co-ideation, Idea Validation, Product Enhancement, Usability and Heuristic Evaluation

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  • Robust and agile development. Time to market with solution accelerators. Better visible and control.

Robust and agile development. Time-to-market with solution accelerators. Better Visibility and Control.


Scrum based Agile Development and Operations, Continuous Process Improvement with Quality Management, Project Delivery Management Systems, Engineering Excellence Assessment and Initiatives, Root Cause Analysis, Risk Management, Efforts and Slippage metrics

Proprietary Frameworks

Harbinger Integrated Hybrid Automation Framework, User Interface Development Framework

Centers of Excellence (CoE)

HR Tech CoE, Learning Tech CoE, Advanced Testing Group (Quality CoE), Project Management Office (PMO), Subject Matter Expert, Business Analyst, UX CoE

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Successful Partnership with Independent Software Vendor in Product Development Lifecycle

Explore the evolution of a business relationship spanning over a decade, between a US based Mid-size ISV in enterprise social software domain and Harbinger Systems.

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Successful Partnership with Independent Software Vendor in Product Development Lifecycle
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MVP Essentials: The Business Need, Building Blocks and the Best Practices

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Innovation in software product development