• Helping you achieve business agility through a DevSecOps culture

    Harbinger helps software product companies accelerate their product go to market with a continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) strategy using DevSecOps tools and technologies.



As organizations seek higher speed, frequency, and reliability in product engineering, DevSecOps is becoming an integral part of their mainstream IT strategy. In a DevSecOps world, the emphasis is on business agility, rapid release cycles with continuous integration and continuous deployment. As you develop new product features, Harbinger’s experienced DevSecOps team helps you cut operational costs and reduce go-to-market time through automated deployments based on DevSecOps practices.

  • DevOps

Stable builds. Increased release velocity. Improved conformance to business needs.

Release Management Evaluation

Release Management Evaluation

Readiness Assessment, Feasibility, and Maturity Checks

Workflow Design and Adoption

Workflow Design and Adoption

Roadmap Definition, DevSecOps Solution Definition, Product Operation Process Creation and Review, Automation and Tool Recommendation

DevOps Workflow Execution

DevSecOps Workflow Execution

Continuous Integration and Deployment, Provisioning, Application and Server Configuration Management, Performance Monitoring and Optimization, Test Automation, Identity and Access Management, Data Management, Operational Intelligence, Customized Data Audit Reporting

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  • Ensuring continuous integration and deployment by leveraging cutting edge technologies

Ensuring continuous integration and deployment by leveraging cutting-edge technologies

CICD Tools and Technologies

CICD Tools and Technologies

JMeter, Puppet Labs, Jenkins, Nagios, Splunk, New Relic, CHEF, ANSIBLE, Nant, Cruise Control, Hudson, SaltStack, Bamboo

Mature Processes

Mature Processes

Scrum Agile Development and Operations, Continuous Process Improvement with Quality Management, Leveraging Project Delivery Management Systems

DevOps Center of Excellence

DevSecOps Center of Excellence

Application lifecycle management (AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodePipeline, Visual Studio Online for Azure, TFS), Programmable Infrastructure management (Azure Resource Manager, AWS CloudFormation, AWS OpsWorks, Azure Automation), Application Monitoring (AWS CloudWatch, Azure Application Insights)

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