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    Harbinger helps software product companies in building Internet of Things (IoT) solutions connecting people, processes, and things.

Internet of Things

Sensors, beacons, wearables, and devices are driving business transformation across enterprises. Harbinger’s IoT practice combines its IoT framework with expert knowledge in device compatibility, security, and performance. We help technology companies build end-to-end IoT solutions with a responsive front end and a scalable backend.


The IoT development environment encompasses multitudes of devices, hardware-software interfaces, and communication protocols. At Harbinger, we continuously upgrade our skills and capabilities to help you build a connected world.

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Deliver robust and secured IoT apps. Enhance reach and functionality. Make sense of IoT data.

IoT Product Engineering

Custom Application Development, Rapid Prototyping Using Open Hardware, Extending Current Applications, Data Storage and Processing, Architecture Revamp

IoT Data Visualization

Profile-based Dashboard Design and Development, Leveraging Open Source Visualization Libraries, Data Relationship Establishment


Big Data and Analytics Tools, Security Services, Third Party Solutions, IoT Platforms, On-Premise or Cloud, Sensors, Wearables, Devices, and Gateways

IoT Strategy

Sensor Selection, Identifying Right-fit Data to Capture and Analyze, Device and Platform Integration Consulting, Protocols and Standards Selection

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An Android-Based Smartwatch for Nurses Eliminates the Bedside Call Button

An award-winning healthcare app replaces the traditional call-bell system in hospitals and improves patient communication and enhances satisfaction.

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Design Considerations for the Internet of Things

With the rapid introduction of IoT enabled devices, design complexity has shot to the next level. Discover the key facets you should consider in designing an IoT app to ensure fluidity and clarity in the experience.

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IoT Cloud Platforms and Middleware for Rapid Application Development

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how you can quickly ideate and develop IoT applications through cloud-based platforms and middleware.

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