A short and diverted attention span of learners is the biggest hurdle in front of employers today in their attempt to create an effective training program. Thus, learning platforms need to flip the traditional approach of learning and development to make content discovery and personalization more efficient, giving a customized learning experience to the learners. The three topmost use-cases, every CLO is looking for within a learning platform are:
  • Content curation and course discovery
  • Enhanced learner’s experience
  • Deep learning analytics
Harbinger understands how to transform traditional learning systems into modern day learner experience platforms. With almost three decades of experience, Harbinger’s LXP offering enables companies to build a modern learning platform that helps learners, administrators, and organizations realize their respective learning goals and calculate the impact of learning. We have helped ISVs build LXP capabilities like content curation from various sources, cognitive search for course discovery, AI-based recommendations, dashboards for learning insights and impacts, learning analytics, pathways, gamification, microlearning, etc.

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Here is Shrikant Pattathil, President, Harbinger Systems talking about, how LXPs are transforming learning.