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    Harbinger’s technologists, engineering experts, and consultants can help you modernize products for the digital workplace through the critical dimensions of robust collaboration, enhanced employee experience, and improved productivity.
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Are you ready for the future of work?

With an upsurge in disruptive digital workplace technologies across the board, there is a noticeable shift to hybrid work environments comprising physical as well as remote work. These and many such changing work conditions are ushering in new possibilities around people and technology.

Harbinger understands work processes, technology, and people. The future of work according to us should therefore solve for an overarching objective encompassing enhanced employee experience, robust collaboration platforms, and seamless productivity through digital alternatives.


This understanding helps us bring together the right engineering expertise, technical capabilities, and domain know-how to work with you on your journey towards the future of work.

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Connecting the Three Important Pillars of Work



Technology systems for operating a virtual and physical workplace

Microsoft Teams, Slack, Skype, Zoom, Dropbox, and others

Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

Technology systems for managing the workforce

LinkedIn, ServiceNow, SAP, Workday, Udemy, Monster, and others



Technology systems needed to enhance efficiency and measure productivity

Salesforce for sales, Zendesk for support staff, Visual Studio for programmers, and others

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Accelerate Your Product Roadmap

User-centric Design

User-centric Design

  • Design product features based on user personas.
  • Conduct usability study and heuristic analysis.
  • Upgrade existing product roadmaps with WorkTech recommendations.

App Integrations

App Integrations

  • Build seamless work integrations with systems of record, engagement, productivity, and collaboration.
  • Leverage marketplace app frameworks to develop apps for collaboration platforms such as MS Teams, Slack, Zoom, and many more.

Data Engineering

Data Engineering

  • Leverage untapped data gathered from user interactions, activities, and data integrated from different work systems.
  • Build meaningful insights for the most important organizational metrics.

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Useful Resources

A Design Thinking Approach to Productivity and Collaboration in a Digital Workplace

We believe that an important missing link while building products aligned to WorkTech is Design Thinking. This in simple terms means looking at products from an end-user’s perspective. WorkTech solves for three critical requirements of an organization namely, collaboration, productivity, and human capital management. Design Thinking is the best approach to take you closest to these goals.

Read on to understand why and how.


Improved Employee Engagement and System Adoption Through a Chatbot for Nudging Users

Collaboration is the lifeline of modern organizations. While companies invest lot of time and effort in designing platforms and tools to increase efficiency-led productivity, declining adoption and under-utilization of these defeat the very investments made in such initiatives. With imperatives such as a younger mobile-friendly generation and remote work situations, organizations require robust environments that bring tools to the fingertips of the employees.

Read how Harbinger helps a US-based enterprise move its employee engagement score from 16 to 50 percent.

Enhance Collaboration and Productivity with MS Teams Integrated to Your HR Apps

Getting employees to access a continuous performance management app along with a virtual meeting tool on a weekly, monthly basis was a concern for a top CPM tool provider in the US. Harbinger helped the company build a MS Teams app to enable users to access the products check-in functionality through MS Teams.

Listen to our experts explain the thought process.

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