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    Harbinger provides design and engineering services to help product companies develop products for the modern workplace.


The remote workplace is here to stay, bringing in a renewed focus on employees and how they could be enabled to work efficiently. Ushering in, the need for WorkTech.

WorkTech (or work technology) as Harbinger defines it, encompasses collaboration technologies that bring the workforce together in the workplace, HR Technology that manages the workforce, and productivity software enabling them to work efficiently for desired business outcomes.

Our services help faster action on HR tasks, collaborate effectively in the flow of work, measure learning effectiveness, correlate productivity with engagement – and everything the future of work needs.

Connecting the three important pillars of Work



Tech for operating a
virtual / physical workplace

E.g. Email Clients, Virtual Meeting Tools, Workplace Collaboration Portals, Facilities Booking

Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

Tech for managing the workforce

E.g. HRIS/ HCM Tools, Applicant Tracking systems (ATS), LMS / LXP Benefits, Payroll Systems



Tech needed to perform tasks and measure productivity

E.g. Salesforce for Sales, Zendesk for Support Staff, Tally for Accountants, Visual Studio for Programmer

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Accelerate Your Product Vision Using

Cutting-Edge Technology And Consulting

Design Thinking for Feature Engineering

Design Thinking for Feature Engineering

Design product features based on hot buttons of the target audience and the workflows they are part of.

Conduct usability study and heuristic analysis.

Upgrade existing product roadmaps with WorkTech recommendations.

Integration with HR Apps and Marketplace Apps

Integration with HR Apps and Marketplace Apps

Build seamless work integrations with systems of record, engagement, productivity, and collaboration.

Leverage Marketplace app frameworks to develop apps for collaboration platforms such as MS Teams, Slack, Zoom and many more.

Data Engineering and Insights

Data Engineering and Insights

Leverage data gathered in your platform from user interactions, activities, and integrated data from different work systems.

Build meaningful insights for the most important metrics on reskilling and upskilling initiatives, learning and development, talent acquisition and retention, and employee engagement.

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How to Use Design Thinking to Decode Productivity and Collaboration in WorkTech

Product owners struggle to meet increasing feature needs of collaboration and productivity insights, and structure their roadmaps – for existing and new users. We provide you with ideas and frameworks to think about how to decode this puzzle and build products for WorkTech.

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Point of View

Enhance Collaboration and Productivity with MS Teams in Your HR Apps

Getting employees to access a continuous performance management app along with a virtual meeting tool, on a weekly, monthly basis was a concern for a top CPM tool provider in the US. Harbinger helped the company build a Teams app to enable users to access the products check-in functionality through Teams.

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A Cloud-based Chatbot for Engaged Workplace Collaborations

The company based in the United States wanted to motivate employees to be more engaged and connected with each other. New IT systems were developed, yet user adoption was low. Harbinger usability experts, designers and technology specialists helped the company to build a chatbot to drive user adoption.

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Chatbot For Nudging Users