• Proven expertise in developing learning tech platforms

    Harbinger provides technology services across the entire learning domain from developing custom eLearning content, blended and adaptive learning, content management systems to virtual classroom integration

Learning Tech

In this era of digitization, the Learning & Development market is also being disrupted with innovations and technologies to enhance and simplify the educational & training activities. Harbinger, a recognized thought leader in learning tech space, provides solution consulting and learning technology services to enterprises and learning product companies.

Architecting and designing next generation learner centric solutions

LMS, LCMS product development

Courses, Videos, Interactivities, Gamifications, Tests, and Calendar for Students, Instructors, Administrators, Delivery of Training Programs, Enrollment, Notifications, Assessments, Multi-level Tracking, LRS (Learning Record Store), Reports, Analytics, Certifications

Authoring systems

Assemble course via graphics, multimedia and interactivities, Create versions. Create lesson structure, assessments, course structure

Content Publishing Systems

Content packaging (convert to ePub and other formats), provisioning (monetize, marketplace), distribution, viewing (online/offline device specific readers, interactivity features), Analytics, Security, Authorization, Digital Rights Management and Asset Management,

Benefits Management

Benefits Administration and COBRA-HIPAA-ACA Compliance, Automation and Integration of Benefits, Personalized Benefit Recommendations, Benefit Exchanges, Wellness

Engagement and Rewards

Continuous Feedback Tools, Integrated Ad Hoc Tools and Lighter Mobile Apps, Rewards-N-Recognitions, Creative Activities and CSR, Learning Management, Certifications and Certification Compliance, Mentor Connect, Self-Service Apps and Case Management

Workforce Analytics

Comprehensive but simplified reporting and visualization, Evidence based decision-making on identified trends, Predictive analytics using Machine Learning algorithm

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Accelerating your HR product vision for the Modern Workforce

HR service delivery automation framework

Intelligence embedded workflows, Robotic process automation, Adoption into diverse tech and HR solutions, Automated compliance adherence, Workflow automation

Intelligent HR workflows and talent analytics

Unified schema based analytics component, Org hierarchy based workflow set up, Plug into reporting and business intelligence tools

Integration accelerators

Readymade access to major players APIs, API analysis and engineering connectors, API development, Building and testing integrations, Seamless data sharing

Drive Workplace Productivity by Integrating HCM Solutions with HRIS

Whitepaper, which focuses on an effective approach to integrate with platforms in heterogeneous ecosystem of HCM applications

Engage for Success: Improve Workforce Engagement with Open Communication and Continuous Feedback

Intelligent Job Portal with Rich Social Media Integration