• Accelerating Your EdTech Product Roadmap

    Harbinger helps EdTech companies rapidly design and develop cutting-edge products and platforms that ensure better student outcomes.

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As technology transforms the way students learn, rapid and innovative EdTech product development is on the horizon. EdTech product companies need to help educational institutions rethink, redesign, and integrate their digital ecosystems to ensure better student engagement and outcomes.

Harbinger understands educational technology, processes, and people, which has led us to build several award-winning EdTech products. We provide custom product engineering, digital transformation, and integration services to EdTech providers. Our deep technology expertise, coupled with strong instructional and visual design capabilities, is at the core of our EdTech solution development. Harbinger’s development model is rapid, scalable, future-ready, and spans over both the technology and content development side.

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Technological Expertise to Support Your Product Development Needs

System Development and Enhancement

Product Development and Enhancement

Student information systems, Enrollment management, Attendance management, Learning plan, Notifications, Assessments, Multi-level tracking, Progress reports, Learner engagement analytics, Certifications, Social and collaborative learning, LMS customization and integration, Recommendation engine

Technology and Frontend Modernization

Technology and Frontend Modernization

Feature redesign, User experience design, User interface design for web and mobile devices, Persona and scenario driven designs

AI-based Solutions

AI-Based Solutions

AI-based skill-gap analysis, Study assistants, Chatbots, Nudge-learning, At-risk students’ identification and engagement, Intent and utterance writing process to convert long courses into conversational content

Solution Accelerators

Solution Accelerators

Integration-ready products:
SprinkleZone – A nudge-learning platform,
Quillionz – World’s first AI-powered teaching assistant,
Offline Player – A solution to access learning content offline

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Curriculum Design and Development Capabilities
that Make a Difference

Instructional Treatment

Instructional Treatment

Gamified learning, Interactive videos, Simulations, Quizzes, eBooks, Infographics, Scenarios, Stories, Assessments, Animations



App-based nudges, Periodic learning reinforcement, Regular quizzes for knowledge checks, Badges to encourage right student behavior, Spaced learning

Content Modernization

Content Modernization

OER transformation, Migration of legacy content to newer formats, Instructional design to support modernization, Micro-learning development, Responsive design




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