• Intelligent Job Portal With Rich Social Media Integration

Intelligent Job Portal With Rich Social Media Integration

An intelligent job portal delivered with rich social media features and integration helping the client strongly compete with industry market leaders

About the Client

A US based ISV in HCM domain catering to multitudes of industries for HCM needs

Business Situation

Our client wanted to strongly maintain and grow market leadership by creating a new intelligent job portal. In a broader view, the system should also be capable of sending real-time notifications to candidate about relevant job opportunities.

The application should allow social media integration to import candidate specific information and provide filter options to recruiters for streamlining talent search based on their skills. The application should ensure the privacy and confidentiality of candidate data and enable data import from other existing social networking accounts of the customer.

Harbinger Solution

Harbinger developed a robust, secure and feature rich job portal for recruiters and candidates. The advanced and intelligent algorithms implemented in the job portal enabled recruiters and candidates to find relevant and suitable jobs as per the requirement and skillset. The job portal also had inbuilt notification feature which updated candidates with the new job openings and recruiters with new candidate updates and also imported their profile details from the social media accounts.

  • Social media integration enabled a really simple and convenient way for login using existing social accounts like Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo and MSN
  • Effective and efficient lookup of relevant candidate was provided by means of a search filter
  • Ensured up-to-date job postings on clients portal by auto synchronization between recruiters (end customer) jobs portal and client’s job portal avoiding manual re-entry
  • Automated candidate data retrieval through a powerful resume parser


The job portal generated benefits for our client which ensured to:

  • Capitalize on the available candidate information through social media profiles
  • Exponentially increased recruiters efficiency through the intelligent job portal
  • Increased overall productivity and user base by integrating with social media channels further driving more business for our client
  • Enablement to upload resume in different file formats resulting enhanced user experience

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