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    Harbinger provides services to engineer robust and scalable Human Capital Management products. The transformative solutions we build span across the entire employee lifecycle.

HR Tech

Worldwide, the Human Capital Management practice is undergoing a sea change. Organizations are embracing employee-first thinking, innovative performance management, and data-driven people decisions. With an experience of more than 15 years in HR Tech and enterprise product engineering, Harbinger has helped several HR product companies embrace digital transformation and achieve successful business outcomes.

Helping you build products that shape the future of HR


Applicant Tracking Systems, Social and Data-Driven Recruiting, Credentialing, Background Checks, Automated Candidate Referencing


Self-Guided New Joiner Tours, Employee Verification, Automated and Configurable Workflows for Onboarding, Crossboarding, and Offboarding


Benefits Administration, COBRA-HIPAA-ACA Compliance, Automation and Integration of Benefits, Personalized Benefit Recommendations, Knowledge Base, Qualifying Life Events, Benefit Exchanges, Wellness Programs

Engagement and Rewards

Continuous and Quick Feedback Tools, Pulse Surveys, Integrated Ad Hoc Tools and Light Mobile Apps, Rewards and Recognition Apps, Creative Activities and Corporate Social Responsibilities, Gamification

People Analytics

Comprehensive but Simplified Reporting and Visualization, Evidence-based Decision-making on Identified Trends, Predictive and Sentiment Analytics Using Machine Learning Algorithms


ACA, HIPAA, COBRA and FSA Limits, I9 Form Verification, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Payroll Taxes and IRS Forms, FLSA

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Accelerating your HR product vision using

cutting-edge technology

HR Service Delivery Automation Framework

Chatbot Interfaces, Intelligent Workflows, Robotic Process Automation, Automated Compliance

Intelligent HR Workflow Engine with Talent Analytics

Organizational Hierarchy Import and Access Control, Workflow Configuration, Unified Schema-based Analytics Components, Reporting and Business Intelligence Tools

HRIS Integration Lab

HRIS Integration Sandbox, HRIS API Analysis, API Development, Integration, and Testing

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Workforce Engagement with Open Communication and Continuous Feedback

Engage for Success: Improve Workforce Engagement with Open Communication and Continuous Feedback

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Intelligent Job Portal with Rich Social Media Integration

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