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Health Tech

Digital technologies are significantly transforming the healthcare industry, and revolutionizing the healthcare experience. For over ten years, Harbinger has enabled many Health Tech companies in delivering quality care, meeting government compliance requirements, and improving patient engagement. Our Health Tech team has an extensive knowledge of healthcare regulations and standards combined with deep expertise in connected healthcare and healthcare intelligence.

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EHR Enterprise Applications

SaaS and VistA based EHR/EMR Development, Meaningful Use Program, Billing, Clinical and Lab Functions, Cloud Security, Privacy, and Configuration Management

Connected and Mobile Health

Patient Record Management, Health Management, Outpatient Care, Physician Referral, Patient-Physician Communication, e-Prescription and Reminder, Medical Device Integration, IoT-based Healthcare

Preventive Healthcare

Population Health Management, Patient-Provider Communication, Secure Messaging, Referral Management, Gap in Care Alerts

Wellness and Fitness

Patient Wellness and Engagement, Goal Tracking, Health Risk Assessment, Patient Alerts, Chronic Care Management, Gamification, Integration with Health Devices

Medicare/ Medicaid

Enrollment and Eligibility, Premium Calculation, Risk Adjustment Processing System (RAPS), Encounter Data Processing System (EDPS), Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC) Analytics, Encounter Management, Prescription Drug Event Management, Plan Revenue Reconciliation

Healthcare Intelligence

Drug Effectiveness, Patient Profiling, Length of Stay Prediction, Demographics and Environment Assessment, Cost of Care Determination

Data Transformation and ETL

Flat file or CSV-based data import/export between healthcare applications, Data transformation connectors, Automation of manual ops workflows using custom scripts and Extract-Transfer-Load (ETL) tools


Meaningful Use (MU1, MU2), HIPAA 3, HITECH and FDA, ICD9, ICD10, HL7, CCDA-CCR-C32, CQM (Clinical Quality Measures), EDI-Transactions, and Encounter Data Processing System

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Rapidly enhance CMS star rating with Harbinger’s

unique frameworks

Provider Performance Assessment

Unified View of Provider Performance, Checking on CMS’s PQRS/HEDIS Measures, Assisting in the Pay-for-Performance program

Provider Network Adequacy

Automated Provider Network Management, CMS and Internal Assessment based Benchmarking, Enabling Qualified Health Plan Status

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