How to Power Your HR Apps With AI And Make It Explainable

The webcast is presented by Shrikant Pattathil, President and Maheshkumar Kharade, AGM – Technology at Harbinger Systems. Below are the takeaways from the webinar


1. Trends of Artificial Intelligence to be implemented in HR function such as Talent Acquisition.

2. Use-cases of prescriptive and predictive AI in various applications which are related to recommendation, training and development, employee engagement, etc.

3. How to successfully implement Artificial Intelligence on your data and make sure your data is AI-ready.

4. Explainable Artificial Intelligence: How to use it in Artificial Intelligence based recommendations model and how it will be helpful in talent acquisition and employee engagement.

5. Choosing the right mix of explainable and non-explainable AI applications.

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