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Harbinger Systems is a technology solutions provider and a trusted partner to help you realize your digital healthcare product vision. We have enabled several healthcare companies to deliver quality care while meeting healthcare compliance requirements and enhancing patient engagement.

Our technical expertise combined with sound domain knowledge help our customers drive digital transformation with attention to high quality and committed timelines.

Our Scalable and Robust HealthTech Offerings


Care Anytime Anywhere via Video, Voice or Text, Remote Patient Monitoring, Mobile Health, Home Health, IoT/IoMT, Devices, Watches


Great Experience, Virtual Assistant, Conversational Agent, Seamless Workflows through Interoperability, Intelligent Recommendation Engine, Nugget-based Directed Patient Learning


Clinical Decision Support, Hospital Management, Patient Record Management, Outpatient Care, ePrescription, Adherence, Billing, Laboratory, Document Management


Medicare, Medicaid, Enrollment, Premium Calculation, Risk via RAPS and EDPS, HCC Analytics, Encounter Management, Prescription Drug Event Management, Revenue Reconciliation, Member Engagement


Dispensing, Stock Management, Drug-drug interaction, Full Med Traceability, Kits, Wellness, Occupational Health


Mirth, Custom Connectors, EHRs, Pharmacies, Pyxis, First Data Bank, Labs, National Health Service

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End-to-End Digital Healthcare Engineering Services


Short Audit, Usability Testing with Users, Optimization with Analytical Tools, Refine Patient or Doctor or Payer Associate or Pharmacy Associate Experience, Complete Product Redesign


AL/ML, Prediction of Care Outcomes, Reduced Cost, Image Analysis, Transcript and Natural Language Analysis, Visualization Tools, Chatbots


Native Cloud Services, Microservices, Serverless, Migrating to the Cloud, Health-specific Services, AWS, Azure, GCP

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White Paper – Healthcare
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Case Study – Cloud Engineering for Medicaid and Risk

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Case Study – Real-Time Patient Monitoring Using Wearable Technology

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