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    Ni el SAC ni la CNMV le van a resolver nada. O se conforma con la salida que den a esas participaciones en el banco o caja que las haya emitido, o intenta venderlas en el mercado, o va a juicio; si va con abogado de oficio o con Adicae, es decisión suya, yo no le puedo orientar en eso.
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    This reply to a common and important question is utterly vacuous, while Holz describes consequences that are real and highly destructive to American science. Because there is so little money available now for research, and prospects for more are bleak, reviewers have become nihilistic (“we can’t distinguish among the best 10% of proposals, so why exert yourself on those in the 10-50% range”). Yet, each individual reviewer down to the 3rd discussant is essentially vested with veto power (any nattering nabob of negativism can condemn even the best proposal into the unfunded range).
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