• Create Scalable and Configurable Multi-Tenancy Applications

Create Scalable and Configurable Multi-Tenancy Applications

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Multi-tenancy has been around for quite a while in the software development domain. With the globalization of end users and increase in many ISVs shifting their legacy based applications to SaaS based models, multi-tenant architecture has gained main stream attention.

Multi-tenancy brings in a host of benefits which result in significant cost and time savings, especially for a startup. A multi-tenant application helps to increase the ROI, as they offer the following advantages:

      • Low cost of service delivery with cost effective application scalability and maintainability
      • Ease in product upgrades and deployment with single instance change updating all
      • Enhance customer satisfaction with high configurability and customizability

While the advantages provided by multi-tenant applications are great. Incorporating all of these components in creating one exceptional multi-tenant application is the key challenge. Thank you for joining us for an insightful webinar on “Create Scalable and Configurable Multi-Tenancy Applications”. Attendees got insights on how to implement multi-tenancy features for your applications.


  • Multi-tenancy- An overview and the business scenarios
  • Multi-tenancy Architecture: Methodologies, Challenges in Implementation and the Benefits
  • Key Technical considerations while developing multi-tenant applications:
    • Selection of best-fit technologies
    • Database architecture
    • Data Security for Applications
    • Customized infrastructure configuration
  • Showcasing Real-Time examples

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