leadership details Seema

Seema Chaudhary

Chief Alliance Officer, Harbinger Systems, Inc.

Seema joined Harbinger Systems to head the Redmond office in 2002. She spearheads the U.S. public relations, legal, administrative and finance teams, and consultant network..read more..

leadership details Jyotsna

Jyotsna Kulkarni

President, Harbinger Systems

Jyotsna is the President of Harbinger Systems – a Harbinger Group company. She epitomizes the quintessential Harbinger. Someone who is multi-skilled, determined and is able to handle multiple projects with equal plan..read more..


Shrikant Pattathil

President, Harbinger Systems

Shrikant Pattathil has played an active role in the growth of Harbinger Systems since 1998, when he joined the company as a software engineer. In the years that followed, Shrikant has been instrumental in designing technology solutions for a variety of customers..read more..

leadership details Mahesh

Mahesh Keni

President, Harbinger Systems, Inc.

Mahesh Keni, President at Harbinger Systems Inc., has an extensive experience in the technology services industry. Having worked at Microsoft for more than 23 years, read more..

leadership details Swati

Swati Ketkar

Executive Director, Harbinger Systems

As Executive Director, Swati spearheads the rapid growth of Harbinger Systems, a global provider of software services. Since 1990, she has held various positions in the organization, involving engineering, project management, business development..read more..


Vikas Joshi

Chairman and Managing Director, Harbinger Group

Vikas Joshi is a business leader who is passionate about product development and technology entrepreneurship. His mission is to help create software products that make a difference. A key part of that mission is to inspire tech professionals and entrepreneurs to grow..read more..