• Building Real-Time Collaborative Web Applications

Building Real-Time Collaborative Web Applications

Read the Question and Answers that were discussed during the webinar (PDF -350Kb)

The digital revolution has brought in a change in the way we communicate and collaborate. Research shows that number of mobile workers will reach up to 1.3 billion by 2015. The pace of information flow has been astounding. These factors have fuelled the pressing demand among customers, businesses, for real time web applications.

Real-time web applications have been around for many years. But today, the users expect collaborative, personalized and an amazingly interactive experience using real time web technologies.

Thank you for joining this engaging and interactive webinar on Building Real-Time Collaborative Web Applications. Attendees got insights on the ‘building-blocks’ -the powerful technologies that enable interactive experiences with real-time web applications.


  • Key technology enablers for real-time collaboration
  • Supporting open source technologies such as Node.js, WebSocket and HTML5
  • Enriching user experience with real-time collaboration
  • Demonstration of a sample real-time collaborative web application
  • Performance benchmarks

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