• Building Amazing Web Applications Rapidly with Emerging Tech

Building Amazing Web Applications Rapidly with Emerging Tech

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As we step into the connected world, the demand for an omni-channel experience covering all the devices- mobile, tablets and smart watches, is increasing at an exponential trajectory. There is a growing need for developing web apps with intuitive customer centric interfaces, similar to the native apps or a desktop software.

      Businesses need to adapt themselves to this rising consumerism and develop user-centric web applications with the following characteristics:
  • Seamless multi-platform experience
  • Robust architecture for future-proofing
  • High availability and scalability
  • Easy maintainability and security

The challenges faced while building a quality web app escalate further with the need to select the right set of technologies and development model to build your app. Additionally, the timelines available for development have become shorter, owing majorly to frequent changing business dynamics, adding more pressure on the development team to build the apps rapidly.

Thank you, for joining us for the webinar Building Amazing Web Applications Rapidly with Emerging Tech on October 21st, 2015. Attendees gained insights on how to leverage the emerging trends and technologies in web development to build a quality app rapidly.


  • Trends and challenges in web applications
  • Choosing the right set of emerging technologies for your web app
    • Backend (RoR, Node.js integration)
    • Frontend (Bootstrap, AngularJS)
    • Database (NoSQL)
  • Enhancing ROI with automated deployment in cloud
    • AWS cloud and Heroku
    • Google compute engine

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