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Ultra Level Programming Languages – Journey from Complex to Simple

When the computer was invented, to write a program, one has to write it in machine language – […]

Maximum Test Coverage through Minimum Number of Test Cases

In functional testing of any software, design of a test suite is the most crucial task for the […]

Crowdsourced Testing – An Overview

Today, crowdsourced testing has become a popular trend in software testing. Crowdsourced Testing ensures the application to be […]

The need for Advanced Test Automation

Test Automation is booming lately with new advancements that ensure bug-free applications. The software industry has embraced the […]

Automation of Test Automation

Many of the test automation mechanisms work well for applications having a fixed type of behavior that does […]

Innovation in software product development- Why is it all important? And how is it enabled?

The only thing that is constant in this universe is ‘change’ and the moment we drift away from […]

Techniques in IT Security- An Overview

IT security has always been a burning issue on the chief information officer’s (CIO) plate. We see websites, […]

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