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Five Ways Artificial Intelligence is Transforming HealthTech

Does Artificial Intelligence (AI) take away human jobs? Or is it creating new job positions? This million-dollar question […]

Healthcare Integration –
A One-Stop Answer to Providing the Best Patient Care

The current COVID-19 pandemic has exposed our readiness for integrated healthcare and the fact that there’s still room […]

Top 5 Technology Trends Transforming the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is known for being one of the slowest adopters of technology. Slowly but steadily though, […]

Intelligent Remote Patient Monitoring with data driven decisions

The world has changed a lot after the current COVID-19 pandemic and the healthcare industry is leading this […]

Why HR Loves Wearable Technology

It is a known fact that healthy employees are happier and more productive at work, and cost a […]

MVP: Improving the Odds of Your Product’s Success

In most cases, it begins with an idea that can sustain the business and drive innovation backed output. […]

Building Efficient Provider Networks: Challenges and Solutions

The introduction of Affordable Care Act (ACA) popularly known as ObamaCare enabled millions of uninsured Americans to get […]

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