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Five Ways Artificial Intelligence is Transforming HealthTech

Does Artificial Intelligence (AI) take away human jobs? Or is it creating new job positions? This million-dollar question […]

Optimizing Cost of Cloud Deployment for Custom AI Solutions

As Deloitte Global predictions for the next few years indicate, companies will accelerate their usage of cloud-based Artificial […]

Are chatbots still an opportunity or just another hype?

You have a question, a chatbot pops out, and is at your service. Simple, right? Unfortunately, not. Chatbots […]

Delving into features for app modernization

Frontend modernization of legacy systems So, the previous blog on app modernization answered some of the basic questions […]

Diversity and Inclusion: Are we at an Inflection Point?

Building an inclusive and diverse workplace culture In my first 5 years of exposure to HR Tech, I […]

Considerations for leveraging AI in HR

How To Develop An Artificial Intelligence Strategy The HR function in enterprises is in the middle of a […]

Build a better onboarding process using AI

As the saying goes, first impressions last. A new employee’s first weeks in the organization are crucial for […]

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