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The Current state of AI in HRTech

The December-January timeframe is usually that period of the year when a lot of deliberations happen on different […]

How to use MS Teams Extensions to Enhance your HR and Productivity Applications

Over the last six months, we are experiencing an evolution of WorkTech, a combination of Workforce, Productivity, and […]

Integration for Gig Platforms: 4 Key Considerations

Maheshkumar Kharade, AGM – Technology, Harbinger Systems recently shared insights on “5 Necessary Integrations for any Gig Application” […]

The New Age of Recruitment

Recruitment processes have been constantly evolving over the years. Technology has played a key role in its evolution, […]

Replace your existing resume parser with intelligent skill extraction engine based on NLP

Over the last year, we have seen significant investments in AI capabilities made into companies with some or […]

Technology in Healthcare: Today and Tomorrow

In today’s digital world, technology evolution has been one continuous process over last 20+ years which has surprised […]

Choosing MBaaS for Your Enterprise App

Until recently, business applications of cloud Computing revolved around Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a […]

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