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People Analytics – The Answer to Drive Decision-Making In 2021

People Analytics is about using statistical insights from employee data to make talent management decisions. It is, in […]

Future of Work: Designing Award-Winning Tech Innovations

Technology is an enabler. Technology is a disruptor. Technology is a game-changer. Technology is the pivot around which […]

Tech Trends in HRTech to Look Out For in 2021

It is the time of the year when we start looking at the predominant technology trends that can […]

Five Ways Artificial Intelligence is Transforming HealthTech

Does Artificial Intelligence (AI) take away human jobs? Or is it creating new job positions? This million-dollar question […]

Healthcare Integration –
A One-Stop Answer to Providing the Best Patient Care

The current COVID-19 pandemic has exposed our readiness for integrated healthcare and the fact that there’s still room […]

5 Key Things to Consider When Designing Your EdTech Product

Like most of the other industries, UX plays a very important role in the EdTech space. As more […]

The EdTech Story: Designing Products for Impacting Student Outcomes and Student Engagement

The education landscape around us is disrupting rapidly. This was happening even before COVID hit us, and the […]

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