Impact of SMAC Technology in Human Capital Management

Impact of SMAC Technology in Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management continues to transform and grow. The pressing need for fresh talent, the rise of millennial workers and the rapid influx of technology has radically transformed HR business models. Companies are coming up with new strategies to help accelerate and innovate their recruitment, development, and workforce management capabilities. What are the new drivers for excellence in modern HCM? How can HR departments improve their work performance and efficiency?

It is the ascendance of SMAC (Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud) technology solutions that has enabled this transformation. Human capital management solutions based on social, mobile, analytics and cloud are helping human resources teams to improve employee engagement, enhance performance and optimize workforce management.

Harbinger Systems hosted a webinar “Impact of SMAC Technology in Human Capital Management” on August 27, 2014. Attendees got insights on the HCM market scenarios and some interesting use cases highlighting the role of SMAC in various human capital management activities

Webinar Key Takeaways:

  • Overview of modern HCM solutions – Market insights, business needs
  • Empowering HCM solutions with SMAC – Challenges, opportunities and the technical considerations
  • Real world business scenarios showcasing SMAC for talent acquisition, skill mapping, benefit enrollment system and learning and development

Thank you for the great response to this special webinar!

You can view the webinar presentation here.

2 Replies to “Impact of SMAC Technology in Human Capital Management

  1. The article here has undoubtedly, very aptly brought into limelight the key features as well as the essential benefits of the incredible SMAC Stack technology. Connoting its future application across varied business sectors, it surely seems to be a promising innovation in the IT world. Holding a perspective of an entrepreneur, one is certain on the account of soon mastering the technique of efficiently employing SMAC Stack to the core business functioning & networking. The evidently bright future prospects of the SMAC stack puts forth a compelling need to gain expertise in the arena so as to attain overall progress and success of a business enterprise

  2. SMAC is a purposeful blend of multiple technologies with distinct functionalities integrated into a single platform. All these technologies in isolation has brought immediate and visible benefits to the business. But the combination of these technologies into a single integrated platform was a technological breakthrough waiting to happen

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