Interactive User Experience (IUX): Going beyond interfaces

Interactive User Experience

We have a new white paper that identifies Interactive User Experience, or IUX as the next frontier in human-computer interaction. IUX combines three types of interactivity, which in turn exploit unique platform capabilities such as direction, touch, orientation, location, movement and proximity. The transition from user interface (UI) to IUX is as revolutionary as the transition from command-line console to GUI three decades ago. The paper explains IUX, the three types of interactivity that enable IUX, and presents examples based on Apple’s iPhone, the pioneer and by far the most successful IUX device.

Request Interactive User Experience: Going Beyond Interfaces white paper today from our website.

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  1. This surely sounds very interesting. It is like adding a whole new way of interacting with virtual things. In the video game industry, Nintendo Wii has also revolutionalized the way gamers interact with the game application.

    I look forward on receiving the white paper.

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