• Benefits of developing Single Page Web Applications using AngularJS

Benefits of developing Single Page Web Applications using AngularJS

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How many times have you experienced the agonizing wait as you navigate through a web application? Looking expectantly at the screen, and waiting for the page to load? Frustrating, isn’t it?

Using Single Page web application (SPA) technique can give your web application as seamless an experience as a desktop application. So, what is SPA? And how does it enhance the viewer experience?

Thank you for joining this engaging and interactive webinar on “Benefits of developing Single Page Web Applications using AngularJS” on 13th Nov 2013. Attendees got step-by-step introduction to SPA, its building blocks, the design techniques and advantages of SPA. Also discussed were the distinct advantages of using AngularJS for building Single Page Applications.


    • Single Page Web Applications [SPA] , Present and Future
      • Introduction
      • Why SPA, advantages
      • SPA- Multiplatform perspective
      • Future of SPA
    • Architectural considerations for developing SPA
      • Building blocks of SPA
      • Main Challenges in Web Application Development
    • Why choose AngularJS for SPA
      • Walkthrough of Key AngularJS features
      • Advantages of AngularJS in SPA development
    • Application Demo

    Who benefited from this webinar?

    • ISVs who want to make their web applications more fluid and engaging for their users
    • Businesses who don’t want to lose customers because of a slow website
      • B2C portals
      • Online Retailers
      • Travel & Hospitality
      • Online shopping portals
      • Healthcare portals
    • Educational & training institutions

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