Artificial Intelligence

  • Infusing Artificial Intelligence in your products, making them future ready.

    We leverage our expertise in speech recognition, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning (ML) to help develop your products.

Artificial Intelligence

With increased advancements and acceptance of AI in HR business processes, many organizations are moving toward AI implementation, be it through chatbots, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), or virtual assistants. Harbinger helps you build products that integrate the latest AI capabilities in enterprise software. For example, Harbinger’s AI work transforms HR functions such as Recruitment, Benefits Administration, Case Management, Time-off Management, Employee Engagement, and Payroll.

Ensuring AI readiness of your products

Machine Learning (ML)

Implementation of supervised and unsupervised ML, Data point separation and segmentation, Intelligent decision making models, End-to-end solution development using custom ML models and cloud based ML services

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP Corpus Development, Information Extraction (keyword, phrase, entity, fact, relationship etc), Language Detection, Semantic Search, Summary and Sentence Extraction, Custom NLP Models

Chatbot Automation

Custom chatbot development, Workflow automation using conversational interface, Adaptive and interactive conversation architecture, Interactive response generation, Multi-channel chatbot, NLP and speech enabled conversation design, Multimodal rendering

Analytics and Visualization

Analyze and identify data trends and patterns, Anomaly detection, Data extraction, Transformation, Data management, Interactive visual exploration, Smart data discovery, Cloud BI, Data source connectivity, Security and architecture, Data warehouse solutions

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Designing intelligent solutions using AI services


MS Bot Framework, AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Botkit, Integrations with Facebook, Slack, MS Teams, and Skype, custom direct line integrations and apps.


Azure LUIS, QnA Maker, AWS Lex, Alexa, AWS Polly, Google Dialogflow, NLTK, Stanford CoreNLP, AWS Comprehend, Latent Semantic Analysis, Azure Web Language Model API, Bing Speech API

Machine Learning (ML)

AzureML, Amazon SageMaker, Custom Models using Python and R packages


MS PowerBI, Qlik, Tableau, Superset

Pattern Recognition

Tesseract OCR, Google Cloud Vision APIs, Google Cloud Speech APIs, OpenCV, Amazon Rekognition, Azure Computer Vision API

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Chatbots provide a conversation interface to traditional web and mobile applications. Cutting edge technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) make the chatbots more human like, thus giving the user the feeling of chatting with a real person. Availability of the chatbot on popular channels like Skype, Slack and emails makes it very convenient to use. Chatbots are a great way of increasing user engagement.

We help build customized chatbot interfaces for HCM products in Recruitment, Benefits Administration, Case Management, Time-off Management, Employee Engagement, and Payroll. Such Chatbots are very effective on frequently used HR workflows.

Harbinger recently created chatbot layers on top of existing HCM systems.This process automation optimizes the turnaround time, improves user experience,and gives a competitive edge to the product. View below four videos for a quick glimpse of the chatbot’s capabilities.

How can chatbots help in benefits administration?

Plan Advisory bot developed by Harbinger Systems, interacts with users and guides them on the benefits plan and any other related queries.

Chatbot interface for university students looking for information on courses

Harbinger Systems developed CourseAdvisor Bot, aimed at helping students view and select courses from their university program. Based on their selection, they can directly enroll for courses via the chatbot.

Chatbot interface for recruitment management developed by Harbinger Systems

RecruitmentBot developed by Harbinger Systems interacts with users and helps them in recruitment activities such as interview scheduling, status updates on job applications, etc.

Chatbot interface for employee benefits management developed by Harbinger Systems

Benefits Bot developed by Harbinger Systems interacts with users and guides them on employee benefits and any other related queries.

Chatbot interface for time-off management developed by Harbinger

Time-off chatbot developed by Harbinger Systems interacts with users and guides them on the application process and any other related queries.

Harbinger builds a Chatbot Interface for the ‘Time-Off’ feature of a Time and Attendance system

Harbinger created a Chatbot layer on top of the ‘Time-Off’ function of a Time and Attendance system, giving it a competitive edge and improved user experience.

Building a conversational chatbot by applying modern UX processes

Harbinger helped a US-based mid-sized ISV build a next generation chatbot through UX enhancement.

Chatbots Can Potentially Transform HCM and Make it Much More Effective

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Chatbots for Universities: Redefining how Students Acquire Information and Enroll

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