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  • An Off-Road Travel and Navigation App for iOS and Android for Startup

An Off-Road Travel and Navigation App for iOS and Android for Startup

A unique mobile app based on patented numbering system, empowers users to easily navigate on-road and off-road locations


  • A US based startup in the travel and navigation domain, developed a unique numbering system to identify locations
  • The startup wants to leverage it’s numbering system to make it easier for users to navigate to remote sites like camps, trek trail etc


  • Build a mobile navigation app based on the numbering system, providing ability to navigate and locate off road destinations
  • Enable user to share location with friends and family

Harbinger Solution

  • Developed mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms. The application invokes the unique number for a location using rest based APIs from the client’s server. Implemented a directional arrow to point users towards the off road destination using orientation sensor and location bearing for android devices and latitude and longitude gyroscope for iOS devices.
  • Utilized Facebook, Twitter APIs and invoked inbuilt text messaging application, to enable users to share their location over social media, messaging and emails

Technologies & Tools

  • Native Android SDK Tool
  • Mac OSX, Xcode
  • Integration with Flurry Analytics
  • Google Maps API V2, Google maps framework 3
  • Apple Map Kit


  • Client entered the market with an innovative on-road and off-road navigation app leveraging his patented geo-location numbering system
  • The app received good reviews and helped client to attract large number of customers
  • Enhanced user experience with social sharing and messaging of current location with anyone, at anytime and for any reason

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