The State of Artificial Intelligence in HR Research Report 2018

Harbinger Systems, a provider of HR Technology services, recently sponsored a research report on ‘The State of Artificial Intelligence in HR’ to be developed by Around 600 HR professionals participated in the research and shared their views on AI in HR and its influence on current HR workflows.

The webcast is presented by Shrikant Pattathil, President and Maheshkumar Kharade, AGM – Technology at Harbinger Systems.


1. AI is having a big impact on Analytics and Metrics. – People analytics has helped in making effective fact-based human capital decisions.

2. Chatbots and virtual assistants are widely expected to become effective. – Chatbots are helping in reducing the complexity and time for organizations, and ensuring better management.

3. AI is having a strong impact in Talent Acquisition. – Automating the HR functions such as interview scheduling, employee on boarding, etc. saves time and lets the HR professionals focus on other critical issues.

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