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  • A medium-sized and growing services company with employee base growing at a blazing pace
  • The company using manual processes for human capital management/talent management/ workforce management/ human resource management.


  • Processes and workflows with manual interventions led to wasted time
  • Growing paperwork hard to manage, consistency and accuracy at risk
  • Is there a low-cost HR management solution?
  • Absence of reports and visualization of information, aggregations and calculations

Technologies & Tools

  • OrangeHRM 2.5
  • Apache HTTP Server, Php 5.1, MySQL 5.0
  • LDAPv3

Harbinger Solution

  • Multiple proprietary and open source HR management solutions explored and OrangeHRM recommended
  • Analysis of all internal HR processes and information formats for migration into new system
  • Various HR functions like leaves, performance review and recruitment customized for specific needs of the company
  • Integration with current systems like LDAP and Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Search and filter enabled reporting feature with easy user experience


  • Significantly reduced manual efforts and paperwork
  • Increased efficiency with employee self-service and automated reports
  • Scalable solution helping the company spread and grow across the globe easily
  • Significant reduction of overheads and inefficiencies resulting in improved productivity at lower cost

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